2019 Side-Income Report

God, I’m cringing a lot as I write this, because the impostor syndrome is STRONG. The side-income isn’t really enough to be an actual income, and one half of my brain is just eye-rolling the other half for even thinking this is worth writing. So while we're at it, let me list why I do want to write this: The side-money can pay for more than half of my sister's semester at college. It's... read more

Hello. It's Been a While

It's definitely been over a year since I last updated my little corner of the internet. Great job, self! And it's crazy how a year can feel like so much. I mean, it's August as I'm writing this, but I'm thinking about how I graduated in May, and that just feels like forever ago. And yes! You read that right. I graduated. Or maybe you missed the fact that I was in college. Understandable, since ... read more

Creative Networking Advice, From One Student to Another

I never would have thought I'd be giving networking advice, because on paper, I'm the type of person who would be a failure at it: I'm very introverted, I avoid trying to meet new people, and do I even need to mention that I'm shy and awkward? But I recently had heard from someone that the people who were the worst at doing something were the best at understanding it precisely because they didn't immediately ... read more

Blogging As I Know It Is Gone

Typing that title hurt. I started blogging in October of 2013. I was in my third year of high school, and it was everything good in a slice of my life where everything had been the worst. I met people who cared about books as much as I did. I got some self-esteem. I made friends who also liked books! I would spend Sundays in a routine of writing three blog posts and replying to comments ... read more

Hand-Lettering Workshop at Ladyfest

As an introvert, going to an event and meeting new people always leaves me exhausted, as in empty-inside exhausted. And while I normally would have made an effort to talk to vendors and the other people at Ladyfest, this time around, I went straight to sit in a quiet room because . . . I was teaching a hand-lettering workshop! *happy dance* So, let me pull back a minute and explain the event. In their words: "Ladyfest ... read more