Hand-Lettering Workshop at Ladyfest

As an introvert, going to an event and meeting new people always leaves me exhausted, as in empty-inside exhausted. And while I normally would have made an effort to talk to vendors and the other people at Ladyfest, this time around, I went straight to sit in a quiet room because . . .

I was teaching a hand-lettering workshop! *happy dance*

So, let me pull back a minute and explain the event. In their words: "Ladyfest is an event centered on empowering and celebrating women in honor of International Women's Day, with the purpose to promote a positive dialogue on gender equality and bring together a community of like-minded individuals of all backgrounds, gender and sexuality. The event gathers bands, comedians, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, food vendors, local DYIers and many more to put on performances and workshops."

Photo by Kyle Becker

I had attended in 2017, and when I saw a call for workshops, I thought "Why not?" and filled out the form. When I found out that I got accepted, I was just so unbelievably happy. The fact that I could hold a hand-lettering workshop in Shanghai, in an event celebrating diversity and equality, is just so important to me.

So once I got hit with a wall of noise when I got to the event, I just knew my introvert self wouldn't make it out in one piece after one conversation, so I went straight to the workshop room to set-up, even though I had an hour to go.

The room filled up quickly around, and the next two hours just flew by really quickly. I had tried to structure the workshop with as much basics and history that I could pack into it, because that was how I personally remembered the little things such as where to put the serifs or which strokes are thick and which strokes are thin. There is just so much reason behind every detail of a letter, and it was fun getting to share all that, but I also hope that I was able to pass on all this love for letters and the entire craft.

And I think it wasn't until after that it hit me that I wasn't as bone-deep tired as I thought it would be, and now, I'm just trying to find ways that I can hold another hand-lettering workshop in Shanghai.

P.S. It wasn't until I was heading out the venue that I spotted Joe's Pizza, as in, it was the very same logo of the New York Joe's Pizza that was right in front of my dorm in New York. Turns out, it is a real, official Joe's Pizza all the way here in Shanghai, and I was just so happy because I had just been really nostalgic for New York pizza recently.

Also, here's a very rough video as I'm trying to learn how to vlog! Let me know if you got any other topics or things you'd like me to film.